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the return of sam wade/fantabulous/douche - and i could make you fly away...

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January 5th, 2006

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02:21 am - the return of sam wade/fantabulous/douche
Reading old LJ entries is amazing. I'm happy there was a time in my life where I wrote down everything I did that day. Maybe I'll start doing that again so I can read it all when I'm older. Dwelling on the past is after all a hobby of mine. On the contrary to what I said in earlier entries here, I've come to appreciate change in retrospect. After all without change I'd still be a 240 pound Jew, and Friends would still be on TV. Christmas break went by way too fast this year, although in my opinion it was the best Christmas I've had in recent years. I got a shitload of books and DVDs that'll take awhile to read/watch. Christmas dinner was very amusing as all dinners are with my family. I can't think of anything more festive than watching Reservoir Dogs and guzzling champagne. And it appears I've finally found my first celebrity crush. Francoise Hardy's S/T album is beautiful, especially the opening track that I'm listening to now. Not to mention she was the cat's meow in the 60s. On another note, with the exception of the dropping physics ordeal, I haven't been in a bad mood all school year. Definetly a first. The desperation in my older entries is somewhat embarassing but I can only look back at that stuff fondly. I leave you with a quote that reminds me of my former self and an excerpt from a short story I'm writing.

I would've caught a fried-eyed dog to be someones lover - Jens Lekman

The early morning moon persevered with its glow, illuminating the snow-covered earth to the point where even the dirtiest of things appeared clean. Elegant two story houses draped in white curtains greeted John as he descended the driveway towards Anna’s street. With the sidewalk devoid of people, the town would have appeared desolate if not for the effulgence of Christmas decorations.
Current Mood: reflective
Current Music: Francoise Hardy - Viens

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